Suited to Survive the Water Park-Expert Tips

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The summer season is in full effect and the time for a family vacation is NOW. Grab your kids, grab your partner and hit the road to some of the best water parks in the U. S.

Making memories is easy when you have the whole gang together, but please, save yourself from a potential wardrobe malfunction by following these simple suggestions:

  1. Don’t wear a string tie bikini. That’s just asking for trouble. Not only do you run the risk of the strings coming undone (yikes!) but skimpy swimsuits should be left for a more appropriate scene and a more age appropriate audience.  Even if you aren’t there with your children, other people are.
  2. Tankinis are a sure-fire win. Not only do they offer the most coverage and support, they are more diverse than a simple one piece. Style doesn’t have to go out the window! Mixing a funky tankini with a solid bottom is an easy way to put your own signature personality on your look like this Tara Grinna tankini. If you’re worried about tan lines, a good option is to wear a halter under your tankini to periodically alternate.
  3. Bandeaus are a no-no. Sure, they are cute and show off your slammin’ physique but think of what a gush of water will do when you’re heading down a slide at 30 mph! Not the memories you need to make. For anyone.
  4. If you are going to wear a bikini, banded halters are the best, especially those by Swim Systems. They have added support from the band and are usually more secure than a triangle top. Those with clasp closures are most comfortable, but if yours ties in the back, try knotting it on the side of your back versus the middle-it makes a world of difference.
  5. Cut-out One Pieces are a stylish alternative to a one-piece. Try to zero in on a style that doesn’t have too many straps or ties like this L*Space One-Piece.
  6. Brazilian cut or thong bikini’s are not appropriate. Sure you want to show off your buns of steel (I’d want to show them off if I had them too), but most parents would rather save their 14 year old son from stumbling over his own feet trying to catch a glimpse. Again, save it for a more age appropriate place.
  7. Fit, fit, fit. No, I don’t mean the appearance of your body. I mean get yourself in a suit that fits. Nothing spells disaster like an ill-fitting swimsuit. If the suit is too baggy then you run the risk of losing it in the pool. If the suit is too tight and you’ll spend the entire day pulling and tugging (and chaffing-ouch).  Find something that fits well when it’s dry and when it’s wet. Most suits stretch a little when wet, so keep that in mind.
  8. Avoid white. UNLESS you have worn it before and you are sure it is not see-through when wet. Talk about a crowd attraction. White is actually my favorite to wear in the summer (looks spectacular with a tan), but if you’ve never worn your fabulous white suit before, try it at home and step in the shower. No need to find out your white suit turns to Seran-Wrap when you’re surrounded by a group of strangers.
  9. Boy-shorts are tricky. One would think this is a good choice for water-parks but a boy short style bottom that rides up may end up leaving you with less coverage than you bargained for.

Ultimately the choice is yours but you are armed with an arsenal of information. Making your decision should be based on your taste and your needs. Check out some great choices at

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